Untill Integration

With the integration between Untill and Formitable you can work realtime more easily, your availability will always be up-to-date and you can link cash register data to your guests. Also, tickets and gift vouchers are visible on the receipt and payments are automatically processed.

To work with this integration, you need a TPAPI license. Often you already have this license, but make sure to check with your POS supplier. The costs for this license are one-off € 295.

For this integration a number of things have to be set up in Untill and in Formitable. This takes about half an hour. Possibly you need the help of your POS supplier.

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Setup Untill

Access settings in the cash register.
The TPAPI interface must be activated in the cash register The TPAPI entry point must be configured in such a way that it can be accessed via the Internet. The url of the entry point must be entered in Formitable, so note this address.

Create a user so that Formitable has access.
Create a new user in the cash register and set the "TPAPI Password" field. This field can only contain numbers. Set it up and write it down temporarily, including the username, you will need it later.

Create articles.
We must create 3 standard articles in Untill to show tickets and payments on the voucher.

Tick "Manual price";

Tick "Manual price";

Set "Price" = 0

We use the 'Deposit' item to display payments made via Formitable on the receipt. This can be a deposit on a ticket or a gift voucher. The article 'Ticket' is used to show tickets in the cash register, so that it is clear to the staff that the guest has selected a particular ticket. For normal reservations we use the 'Formitable' article. This is necessary to be able to link but is not shown on the receipt. Write down the three article numbers, which you will need later.

Set up Formitable

Now that the cash register has been set up, it is time to set up the Untill app in Formitable. You do that with the data you have previously noted.

Server settings

Endpoint. Enter the 'TPAPI entry point' previously configured.

Username. Username of the new TPAPI user in Untill.

Password. The password of only numbers that you have created.

Article numbers. Here you put the three article id's that you have created.

Automation settings

Create walk-in. If active, Formitable automatically places a walk-in on the table on which you open a receipt if there is no reservation active at that time.

Check-in reservations. If active, Formitable automatically checks in a reservation that is on the table on which you open a receipt. (in Match deviation you can set the margin when looking for a reservation on the relevant table)

Create an order on check-in. If active Formitable opens a receipt in Untill when you check in a reservation in Formitable. Tickets, gift vouchers and down payments are automatically processed in the receipt.

Match deviation. With this setting you can specify the margin in minutes in which Formitable searches for a reservation on a table. If this setting is set to 20 minutes, a guest may be 20 minutes late or early and Formitable will take this into account when searching for the reservation. If you open a receipt outside the margin, Formitable will create a walk-in on the relevant table. If a guest comes too late or early, it is imperative that you adjust the reservation in Formitable to the correct time before you open the ticket in Lightspeed. If, for example, you only work with 1 occupation per night, you can easily increase this margin.

Linking tables with Untill

We are almost there! Now that everything is set up correctly, we can link the tables in the cash register system to the Formitable tables.

Go to Settings › Tables and click Sync POS tables at the bottom left. Based on the table name, Formitable will try to automatically link tables.

Check all tables to make sure that all tables are linked properly. You can click Confirm per table or per area to Confirm the link.

Don't have an area with tables in Formitable yet? You can choose to create one automatically by clicking on Create area.


Check in reservation. As soon as you check in a reservation in Formitable, a receipt will automatically be opened in the cash register on this table. If there is a ticket, gift voucher or down payment, this will immediately appear on the receipt. Down payments are also deducted from the receipt. This is the recommended workflow for opening a receipt and checking in your guests.

Open receipt. You can also open a receipt directly on a table in Untill. Formitable then looks for the right reservation with the voucher, but then guest name, ticket information and payments are not processed in Untill. If there is no reservation on the table within the margin (see Match deviation), a walk-in will automatically be placed in Formitable.

Change tables. As long as no receipt has been opened in Untill, you can change tables in Formitable. After a receipt has been opened in Untill, for example through a check-in, Formitable assumes that the cash register is leading in the table planning. If you move the receipt in Untill to another table, you will see this in Formitable within a minute. If you change the table of a reservation in Formitable after opening a receipt, this change will not be reflect in Untill.

Close receipt. As soon as you close the voucher in Untill, the reservation will be automatically checked out in Formitable. This way your table will be immediately available for new guests. Formitable will then link the receipt from the cash register to the reservation. The receipt can be found in the Activity tab of a reservation. This way you can easily see wath your returning guests have previously eaten. In future releases we will make this data available throughout Formitable.


  1. Before you start working, carefully check all settings so that you know which actions can occur.
  2. Formitable synchronizes every minute with Untill. It can therefore take a little time for a change to become visible.
  3. In Untill it is not possible to place a receipt on multiple tables. When changing a table to multiple tables, it is possible that not all Formitable will be kept occupied.
  4. This link is currently in beta. Undesirable results can occur. We would appreciate it if you would inform us about this on developers@formitable.com. Good ideas are also welcome!

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