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Turn followers into guests with the Instagram Reserve button

Your Instagram followers are your most loyal fans. Leverage this sentiment and add a Reserve button to your Instagram profile. Guests can now find you, like you, follow you, and seamlessly reserve with you - all within the most influential social media platform for restaurants.

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Right below your bio

The Reserve button serves as a perfect call to action to convert profile visits into reservations. And because the button is placed right below your bio, you will prompt followers and browsing visitors instantly when they check out your profile.

Let #foodies book any of your locations

As a restaurant chain or brand with multiple restaurants, you don’t always have a separate Instagram for each location. The Reserve button in your bio will direct guests to a Multi Venue widget, straight from your Instagram profile. Guests that are looking for a #pizza spot on Instagram, can now make a reservation in-app at any of your pizza restaurants in a matter of seconds.

Perfect guest journey

A full featured Formitable widget, including all your different experiences, squeeze, prepaid reservations, and even waitlist, all within the Instagram App. You collect all guest data and provide the same outstanding online journey as you usually would. For example, emails in the style of your restaurant and flexibility for guests to cancel their booking themselves.

Extra reservations without any hassle or costs

Create an Instagram Business account and add the Reserve button to your page. It’s that simple! Guests can now discover and book their next food experience via Instagram. Online marketing was never easier (and cheap): reportedly up to 10% of your followers will make a reservation. And you don’t pay any commission fees.

Instagram Shopping 


In a nutshell, Instagram Shopping is an extra online ordering channel for your takeaway menu. Easily push and showcase your Formitable products on Instagram and lead your customers directly to your Formitable Shop.
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Tag your products in Posts and Stories

Transform your feed into a shoppable experience for your followers to make sales and boost your Instagram engagement. By tagging your products in your posts and stories, your followers only have to tap the shopping bag icon to reveal more about the product and start shopping.

Webshop on Instagram

Your Instagram Shop fits seamlessly into your Instagram profile and restaurants’ look & feel. The Shop is always visible in your Instagram profile for your followers to look around in. In just a few clicks, your followers can order your food via their favorite social media channel.

Read here all about setting up your own Instagram Shop.

Lead followers to your website

The buying process smoothly leads your guest to your Formitable Takeaway Shop, so the checkout takes place on your own website. This channel makes it easier than ever for your followers to buy your products and therefore boost your sales.

“We regained control of our reservation system, time management, and put some fun back into the process”

Devina Devine (Den Vandrette, Copenhagen)

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Ready for take-off?

We welcome all types of restaurants, from local favorites to Michelin starred restaurants and international hospitality groups. You can get started in no time with the documentation in our Help Center and the help of our support team.

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