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Engage your guests with promotion codes New

Drive traffic to your website, turn visitors into buyers and measure your success with promotion codes.

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Specify your discount or give-away

Offer a complimentary cocktail with every Early Bird reservation or give €5 discount on every takeaway order above €50. Get creative and create discounts and giveaways that are unique to your restaurant!

Create your code

Decide on a code name. Write a description. Creating your promotion code is that simple.

Schedule and control availability

Are you offering a special discount during the holiday season? Schedule your promotions and limit the number of usages in advance.

Activate your marketing channels

Encourage regulars to keep buying from you. Show a website pop-up send email campaigns or use your social channels.

“We regained control of our reservation system, time management, and put some fun back into the process”

Devina Devine (Den Vandrette, Copenhagen)

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Ready for take-off?

We welcome all types of restaurants, from local favorites to Michelin starred restaurants and international hospitality groups. You can get started in no time with the documentation in our Help Center and the help of our support team.

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