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Formitable Partner network

Formitable connects with a select group of partners to provide useful integrations with your favorite tools and platforms.

Reach international guests through Airbnb

Request this integration to display your restaurant on Airbnb, including realtime reservations.

Say goodbye to paper kitchen receipts

Formitable connects with Annoncer, the digital kitchen hub for innovative restaurants. Exchange essential information with Annoncer so that the kitchen is always up-to-date.

Manage social and reviews from just one inbox

Feeling overwhelmed by social media and online reviews? Use AreTheyHappy to manage everything from just one inbox, including your Formitable reviews.

Get reservations through BookDinners

Activate this integration to make your restaurant bookable on BookDinners, the first Dutch social restaurant platform.

Get reservations through Diningcity

Activate this integration to make your restaurant bookable on Diningcity, including Restaurant Week and Ober.

Realtime reservations on HEERLIJK

Activate this integration to connect your HEERLIJK and HEERLIJK10Daagse deals realtime with your Formitable agenda.

Receive payments via Mollie

Receive prepayments, deals and gift voucher revenues directly in your own Mollie account. With Mollie you can offer all modern payment methods, including iDeal, PayPal and creditcard.

Nappkin POS integration

Grab your Formitable reservations in Nappkin, open a table and automatically process your prepayments. The prepayments are displayed in the daily revenue statement.

Better reviews, higher rankings

So Review helps you get a higher ranking on review sites and save you a lot of time. Collect and respond to all your different reviews from one dashboard.

unTill POS integration

Less handling, self-evident use and yet all functions. unTill - the cash register reinvented.

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