Assigns tables as you would

Setup tables

Determine how many guests can sit at a table. Combine tables, expand them with head positions and activate the areas you want to be bookable online.


Choose the order in which the tables should be assigned. You can choose to fill area after area, or you can define your own hierarchy.

With no hassle, we can now double tables.


Plan more
guests easily

For busy restaurants, the squeeze feature is perfect. When you are fully booked, Formitable will look for gaps in your planning. These gaps are offered to guests as a shortened reservation. What you normally do on the telephone, Formitable will do for you now.

Book a table

Let your guests know where they will sit

By showing your guests in what area they will sit, you can fully book your restaurant without having problems in the restaurant. For guests it is clear that they can only reserve at the bar or at a high table for example.

Stop no-shows and sell deals

Empty tables are frustrating and cost money. Now there is technology that changes this. Request a deposit for groups, weekends or special deals. Everything is processed on your own website.
Without branding of third parties.

Reservations at 212
€50 pp
Xmas at Bougainville
€50 pp
Reservations at Senses
€20 pp
Daalder group menu
€115 pp
Ron Gastrobar lunchdeal
€29 pp
Johannes weekdays
€39 pp
John Dory Sunday deal
€45 pp
€100 pp
Gs brunchboat
€39,50 pp

Receive payments via Mollie

You will receive the ticket revenues in your own Mollie account. You can pay out yourself everyday. With Mollie you can offer all modern payment methods to your guests, including iDeal, PayPal and credit card.


Choose a refund period for your guests. When guests cancel on time, the payment will be refunded automatically. If the refund period has expired, guests can cancel but no refund will be granted. If you decide to refund the payment anyway, you can do this easily in Formitable.