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Why don’t restaurateurs tell their stories?

Find out how to capture your audience through storytelling from Cor Hospes, he will tell you why it is important to know what you stand for as a restaurateur and convey that message into the world.

When you visit most restaurants’ websites, you don’t find any stories. It’s about the menu, it’s about reservations, gift vouchers, location. Nothing that grabs your attention. 

There is one exception; Noma. The best restaurant in the world. They have a blog on their website where they tell their stories, but they don’t do it very often. What is strange about this is that Rene Redzepi, founder of Noma, becomes a real storyteller when there is a camera pointed at him. Look at the Noma documentary ‘My perfect storm’ or ‘Ants on a shrimp’. 

Chef Massimo Bottura, a Netflix star, we all know the stories about how he had to fight these traditional ideas about Italian cooking. Massimo;

“In Italy, you can do whatever you want, but you have to stay away from the pope, the national football team, and grandma’s recipes. Because then they will come to crucify you.”

But Massimo and his team succeeded to become one of the best restaurants in the world, an amazing story. It’s about persistence, and in the end, you will win. But, go to his website. There’s nothing about his story there. 

Are chefs afraid to tell their stories online? Well, it’s quite easy to build a story, Cor says. It’s nothing to be afraid of.  

You have 4 building blocks:

  • Main character
  • Wish
  • Obstacle (villain)
  • Message

You can add some extra aroma to it, with these blocks;

  • Change
  • Conflicts
  • Mentor

This is the secret formula of every bestseller, of every Hollywood blockbuster. There is one ingredient that is most important of all these building blocks; change. No change = no story. 

A good story is not about what you literally read or see, but about what lies behind it. A message, an argument, a takeaway. Always start a story with the end in mind. But you can only tell a story if you know who you are. People need to know who you are. What you stand for. Internally and externally. Especially important at the time like we’re in right now, when it’s difficult to get staff. 

If you want to attract people that fit your brand, you need to tell your story right. Then people will be proud to work for you and feel connected to the brand and they will share the story themselves. Your own employees should be your biggest promoters. So ask yourself ‘What’s your distinction? What’s your narrative?’

And no, it’s not about you. It’s about your audience. Do you know who they are?

Anybody is nobody. The better you know your audience, the better your stories will be, the greater your impact. We think we know what our audience wants or needs, but do we really? Have we asked them, or are we just assuming? Listen to them before you start to make assumptions. Listening is the basis for every relationship. The basis to build trust. The basis to build a loyal fanbase. People share experiences – also bad ones. So better make it a good one. Make them your great promoters. 

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