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Formitable, Zenchef and Resengo unite to shape the future of dining as Zenchef in 2024
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Connecting with regulars

For Samina, using Formitable as their booking system is a no-brainer. She tells us why: “Formitable supports you to do your work in a way that is seamless.”

Full ownership over restaurant data to optimize guest experiences

Whether it’s an illicit bar or a Michelin-starred restaurant, Cookie Heinz Gindullis has always taken guest relationships seriously.

Table perfectly fills in the gaps we experience due to cancellations

Table is Formitable’s latest product. It’s an app where foodies can discover new experiences, and easily reserve tables. Gertrude is one of the most followed restaurants on Table.

Saving time & reducing no-shows

Plein Publiek in Antwerp invites a new restaurant every couple of weeks. Selling tickets beforehand not only reduces no-shows but also helps with efficient staffing.

We’re paying less and have many more functionalities

Davy, the founder of Distrito Francés, presents Mexican street-food to a Parisian crowd. The reservation chaos of two locations is finally a streamlined flow.

Formitable’s flexibility is an immense help while working with small margins

Line Kleppe was the booking manager at Noma for the past three years; of course, that job changed drastically when COVID hit.

Now we're fully in charge of our online experience

Philipp Inreiter, the owner of restaurant Kona, takes the flavors and techniques from Japan and combines them with Denmark's local ingredients. Show the experience - don't tell.

An improved connection with your guests

Japanese restaurant Aoyama, based in Lille, was born from wanting to share Japanese food culture. Florian, the founder of Aoyama, lived in Japan for multiple years.

Implementing Formitable for additional revenue and online visibility

Alma booked impressive results in improving their online visibility by sending regular email campaigns. This led to a substantial increase in their takeaway order stream.

Securing more reservations with Formitable

The Auberge needed a system to streamline their reservations and revenue. After making the switch they managed to drop their no-show rate to a staggering 0,1%

Switching easily to Formitable

Devina Devine, manager & wine director at Den Vandrette, faced some problems with the previous reservation system and felt the need to switch to another system. 

With Formitable we will continue to be on top of our game

At Bolenius, in Amsterdam, Luc Kusters and his team present top gastronomy hand in hand with sustainability. Getting better is the goal every day.

Less phone calls, more time to pamper our guests

The personal touch. That’s what it’s all about at Rijsel and Scheepskameel in Amsterdam.

No-shows are a thing of the past

Scheepskameel was established in 2016 by the men behind the successful restaurant Rijsel.

With Squeeze the number of reservations increased immediately

Since Michelin-starred restaurant Sinne started offering shortened reservations online with the Squeeze feature the number of seatings per table automatically doubled.

Email guests in no time

Lendl Mijnhijmer rarely emailed his guests, that was until he came across the new email campaign feature within Formitable.

The same number of reservations, without commission

Taking control of your online reservations can feel like a big step. Especially if your restaurant is bookable through a consumer platform.

Ready for take-off?

We welcome all types of restaurants, from local favorites to Michelin starred restaurants and international hospitality groups. You can get started in no time with the documentation in our Help Center and the help of our support team.

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