No-shows are thing of the past for restaurant Scheepskameel
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No-shows are a thing of the past

Restaurant Scheepskameel and Formitable

Scheepskameel was established in 2016 by the men behind the successful restaurant Rijsel. Scheepskameel presents a regularly changing menu in which classic European preparations with a lot of attention to the main ingredient form the guiding principles.


Bob Kaasenbrood, one of the owners of Scheepskameel, primarily wanted to fill the gap that no-shows leave. Last year when the restaurants reopened, they needed to change the way they were doing business because of the regulations. The implementation with Formitable’s prepayment feature made sure Scheepskameel had a steady revenue due to the stop of no-shows. 

Bob was frustrated by the high frequency of no-shows Scheepskameel was experiencing weekly. “Every week, we got some no-shows; they are killing for restaurants. Some guests canceled their reservation an hour beforehand, making it hard for us to fill up these tables with new guests.”

“Since we started working with Formitable’s prepayments, guests have always shown up” 

Revenue boost 

“We absolutely couldn't afford no-shows during COVID-19. We were allowed to seat 30 guests inside,” Bob tells us. “Since we started working with Formitable’s prepayments, guests have always shown up, or they’ve canceled their reservation on time; no-shows are a thing of the past now. Last year we had to close for two and a half months, and when we could reopen, we were only allowed 30 guests in our restaurant. This was when we implemented a prepayment of €50 because we needed to boost the minimum expense. In July the rules got a little less strict, and we dropped the prepayment to €35. Most importantly, prepayments boosted the revenue in the hard COVID-19 months.” 

“In the beginning, we were afraid our guests wouldn't understand our choice for prepayments, and they would think it inhospitable. However, we had no negative feedback from our guests. They were very understanding. Eventually, there was no need to be afraid. We’re thrilled with this feature; it works exceptionally well and no-shows are a thing of the past now. We will surely keep working with this feature in the future to keep a steady revenue. ” 

About Scheepskameel

Instagram @scheepskameel
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Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

In Scheepskameel the focus is on good hospitality and good products: dining in a relaxed atmosphere, for all occasions, for everyone. And always for a fair price. Scheepskameel presents a compact menu that changes regularly. The wine list consists exclusively of German wines. Unique in Amsterdam.

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