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With Squeeze the number of reservations increased immediately

Restaurant Sinne using Formitable for more reservations

Since Michelin-starred restaurant Sinne started offering shortened reservations online with the Squeeze feature the number of seatings per table automatically doubled, and they saw a significant increase in their monthly revenue.


Before using Formitable’s feature Squeeze, Suzanne, owner of restaurant Sinne, relied on walk-ins or guests calling last-minute to fill the gaps in her bookings. “We offered reservations with an end time before, but only by phone, which is very time-consuming.” Before using Squeeze we only served a maximum of 35 covers per night even though we had more time and space to host guests.”

“We saw a significant increase in our monthly revenue”

Smooth process, extra reservations

“Since we implemented Squeeze we count 180 minutes for a regular reservation and 120 minutes for a Squeeze-reservation. The system automatically fills the gaps of 120 minutes between our bookings. One hundred twenty minutes is the minimum amount of time we need to offer our guests the experience we stand by. Our guests don’t mind the shorter reservation because they know beforehand and chose it themselves. The end time is communicated multiple times throughout the reservation process, and we always send guests a reminder email.” 

“The number of reservations increased immediately. Because we were turning more tables, we serve 50 covers on busy days. Before this, we only did a maximum of 35 caps per night. With an average spend of €150 per person, we saw a significant increase in our monthly revenue.”  

About Sinne

Instagram @sinnerestaurant
Facebook Restaurant Sinne
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Michelin Star restaurant Sinne offers a menu with a twist from the Asian and Mediterranean kitchen. The restaurant is light, trendy with an open-view kitchen where guests can enjoy creative dishes in a relaxed setting. 

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