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Build your restaurant brand and loyal fanbase

On November 15, 2021, more than 1,500 restaurateurs and restaurant marketers from all over Europe attended RISE UP. With Yotam Ottolenghi as headliner, RISE UPs first edition was nothing short of legendary.

Event highlights

Q&A with Yotam Ottolenghi on his journey of building a fanbase

Restaurateur, cookbook & food writer

Yotam gives us his tips and tricks for growth – from a global influential chef with a 1,8M following on Instagram, you’re assured to get insights that will help you in building your loyal fanbase.

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Raisin: leading the natural wine movement

Jean-Hugues Bretin CEO and Founder Raisin

Jean Hugues, the founder of the natural wine app Raisin, will tell us all about their natural wine movement and how it can help restaurants become discovered by the natural wine inner crowd.

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Building a community platform for chefs

Sebastian Wussler Founder ChefsTalk

The founder of Chefstalk, and a man of the internet from the first hour, explains to us how he grew his 1M community for chefs with social media (and a very original way of doing so).

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Why don’t restaurateurs tell their stories?

Cor Hospes Author & Founder Merkjournalisten

Find out how to capture your audience through storytelling from Cor Hospes, he will tell you why it is important to know what you stand for as a restaurateur and convey that message into the world.

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How restaurants will rise up and boost profitability post-Covid

Raymond Wilders CEO and Co-Founder Formitable

Formitable’s CEO Raymond Wilders will take us through the journey restaurants took in the online world, from 1989 until now. From hijackers of restaurants data to a more colorful future.

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The restaurant industry is undergoing a revolution. Triggered by COVID, restaurants have to stay visible to their guests, and the only way to go is online. But how do you build a restaurant brand and create a loyal fanbase? This is what we’re exploring at RISE UP. Join our community to gain insights, valuable content, meet big names in the restaurant industry and have a lot of fun!

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"Thank you so many guys, it was amazing meeting you and getting together with all these industry people. Dinner and all the event was just superb"
Ana Soraiz Gonzalez – Sidecar, Copenhagen
"A carefully curated event by a company that cares"
Anais Sheshekli – InterContinental Hotels
"Thanks for organizing this event and pushing our industry forward"
Rasmus Christensen – Pico Pizza, Copenhagen
"Inspiring, and therefore it challenges you to rethink! Since the event was on- and offline on many locations worldwide and since the speakers all had international goals, it opened my eyes. We are all far, but so close from each individual in the world being interested in food. This is just the beginning to get even closer to all our new guests out there"
Ilse Cornelissens – Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

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