About us

Great restaurants deserve great technology -

Like chefs believe food is the foundation of a restaurant, we believe software is the core of our company. We have a strong product vision. Therefore we invest in product development, like chefs invest in amazing dishes (currently our developers/salespeople ratio is 3:1). And we focus on user experience, like restaurateurs focus on delivering a perfect dinner experience. You see, we are much alike. We value quality over quantity and we both do anything for a happy customer.

This is why we believe that we can grow our business together.

Understanding restaurants

We have worked with restaurants since 2010, building websites that make you look good. Many things we have learned with Pocketmenu you can now enjoy in Formitable.


We create products and features that empower our customers to grow. For too long restaurants relied on 3rd party platforms for extra reservations. The time has come to re-evaluate the effects of these partnerships - and to start promoting your brand on channels you control: your website, social media, Google and email.

Do it yourself

We truly believe that much of the success of Formitable lies in the ease of implementation - and a good communication around that simplicity. You can setup your own Formitable account (add extra users, tables, table combinations, booking slots etc.), while we provide extensive guides and superfast phone, email and chat support to help you out.

Innovation & partnerships

We feel it is important that everything we do, should improve upon existing solutions. This is important not only in building great software, but also in building relationships with other parties such as Google, Groupon and TripAdvisor. Because better partnerships will result in better overall solutions for restaurants.

Formitable fits us perfectly.

Iris - Razmataz

Tasty technology. Good stuff.

Peter-Paul - Restaurant Bentinck

Online reservations with a personal touch.

Roderick - Wilde Westen