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Formitable allows you to create a unique booking experience, work smarter, and book a full house every night.

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Tribeca website preview with a logo and food getting cut
Restaurant Tribeca reservation widget with a kitchen table ticket and a restaurant ticket
Daalder website preview with people having dinner in the restaurant
Daalder reservations widget with a resservation ticket and a weekend ticket with deposit
Vuurtoreneiland website preview with people dining in the restaurant
Vuurtoreneiland reservations widget with a summer and winter ticket with €100 deposit
Ron Gastrobar website preview showing a known Ron Blaauw Dish.
Ron Gastrobar Reservations Widget with an early bird ticket and a lunch deal ticket
Chin Chin Club website preview with photo's of food
Chin Chin Club reservations widget with speacial event tickets without deposits

Your success is our success

We respect your vision. We respect your power to create. And we’d love to be part of your success.

Why restaurants choose us

A preview of the guest experience flow or restaurant Mr & Mrs watson in Amsterdam

Eye-catching guest experience

From your home page to your guest’s confirmation email, Formitable lets you stand out with an online booking experience that is stylized to match your restaurant’s unique flavor.

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Smarter table management

Making the most of the day without compromising the flow? The Planner is designed to assign tables exactly like you would.

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The Formitable reservations planner is accessible and fast to manage reservations more easily
Collect information about guests like allergies or specific wishes

Get to know your guests

Formitable collects all your data in one place. Dietary requirements, reviews and even guest spendings. A complete guest history is just one click away.

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Stop no-shows

Avoid costly no-shows with down payments and prepaid bookings. Simply set the amount, a refund period, and accept all major payment methods like iDeal, PayPal, and credit card.

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You can ask for deposits to stop no-shows and provide your guests with familiar payment methods.
Formitable connects with businesses like Airbnb, Google and Mailchimp for extra functionalities.

Automate your workflow

Formitable works seamlessly together with a plethora of widely used solutions. Hook up your favorite tools and marketing platforms and let them work for you.

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Ready for take-off?

We welcome all types of restaurants, from local favorites to Michelin starred restaurants and international, multi location hospitality groups. With our step-by-step switching service, our Customer Success team will have you up and running in no-time.

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