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13 October, 2020

Devina Devine: “Less no-shows and less time wasted during service”

Since switching to Formitable  a lot has changed at Den Vandrette, Devina Devine tells.

Devina Devine (manager, wine director Den Vandrette, Copenhagen) faced some problems with her old reservation system. It was time for a switch. Since using Formitable, she got rid of the old problems and even gets positive reactions from her guests. What are the biggest changes she has noticed?

What were the biggest struggles you experienced with your previous reservation system?

“The system was complicated to work with. Changing simple things, like the number of guests or the time of a reservation was time-consuming. During service, we’re always doing a thousand things at the same time so you want a system that is efficient and easy to work with, we don’t have time to waste. Also, when we needed support it was hard to get any help. Furthermore we had a lot of no-shows due to guests not being able to change or cancel their reservations online.”

What was the main reason you switched to Formitable?

There are a few things that I really like about the system. First of all, the ability to book via Google without having to go to our website. That is something I thought is really great. Secondly, I like the fact that you can customize the reservation widget to match the style of your website. Moreover, the price is way better than what we had before. During the switch, it was nice to have someone who was actually eager to help and assist you with switching to a new system. Overall, the switching process was handled very smoothly.

Now you’re using Formitable, what has changed?

We see fewer no-shows, because people are able to cancel or change their reservation online. For us, it’s super clear to see what’s going on with our reservations. We can see exactly what guests are doing and can get in contact with them easily as well. Also, the time I spend per day on the system is far less than before. Before, we would not use the system for walk-ins or people who called, because it took too much time to input it into the system. This led to us not knowing exactly how many people were in the bar or were yet to come. Because of this, we really had to be on top of things during service. Now, we put every guest in the system, also walk-ins. It’s quick, easy and it gives us a clear view of how many people are in the bar, how many guests are still to arrive and the total guests for the night. 

Do you think something has changed for your guests?

With the old system, guests were very limited in what they could do. They could make a reservation, but were not able to adjust it online. This led to a frustratingly high number of no-shows. Since using Formitable, I have heard a couple of guests mention that they’ve noticed the new system and that they prefer the experience. It doesn’t redirect you to a new website when making a reservation and as a guest, you have a lot of possibilities to adjust your reservation or communicate with the restaurant.

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