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Formitable is a complete and independent reservation system, expandable with smart apps and integrations.

Down payments for reservations, groups or events

With tickets you can avoid no-shows. By promoting promotions at special moments you optimize your occupation. You receive payments via Mollie. *

Per month
Per ticket from
€0,50 *

Gift cards as a marketing tool and service to your guests

With gift vouchers you get more profit from your own website. You choose which arrangements or amounts you want to offer. Guests receive their gift voucher directly by e-mail.

Per month
Per gift voucher
€2,50 **

* Down payments

At Formitable you only pay for reservations with a down payment. There is a Ticket Fee attached to this. The rate depends on a scale (from € 0.50 to € 1.50 per cover). Do you work a lot with down payments for groups? Then you can opt for a Ticket Fee per transaction.

** Non-redemption

You receive the sales of gift vouchers directly in your own Mollie account. All receipts that are not returned (non-redemption) are for you. The minimum non-redemption percentage for gift vouchers is 10%.


To receive payments you need a Mollie account. Transaction costs are linked to the various payment options. View the Mollie rates. You can take the transaction costs for your own account or have them paid by the guest.


Formitable integrates with a select group of partners. It is possible that partners charge extra costs, for example a commission for extra reservations.

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What Richard says about Formitable

Everyone complains about no-shows. I believe prepaid tickets are a very smart solution. I'm pretty sure that every restaurant at this level will do this. I wouldn’t know why not!

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Easy to set shifts & tables
Reservations are imported
Easy to install widget