Success Story restaurant Bolenius Amsterdam
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With Formitable we will continue to be on top of our game

Sustainable restaurant Bolenius in Amsterdam is working with Formitable

Bolenius, the most well-known plant-based restaurant in the Netherlands, has just been awarded a green Michelin star. And that has always been the goal of owner Luc Kusters and the team, to make top gastronomy go hand in hand with sustainability.

Sustainable choices have always been a priority here at Bolenius, tells Luc Kusters. "The decision for Formitable was, actually, very easy. One of the highlights is the webshop, which was integrated immediately. And I think it is essential that I got the assurance that, at Formitable, it is an ongoing process. Every month they release new features; in half a year from now, it will be more and more up-to-date, so you will always remain on top of your game with your systems. Because it is compatible with Lightspeed and Annoncer, we can run everything digitally. And we will continue to be on top of our digital game. All these things together are what make Formitable stand out. It offers everything you need." 

Compliments from colleagues 

"The determining factor is always colleagues. I called some colleagues who already work with Formitable, or already, I think we were relatively late to start with Formitable. That's how you could say it. That's really how it felt at one point. A colleague said, 'Are you not using Formitable yet?'. That was a fun reply. In addition, it helps a lot that you can make an email campaign very easily and quickly. After the first mailing, I already got compliments from colleagues who said, 'Hey, your new mailing looks nice, how did you do that?'"

Getting better is the goal every day

"It's nice that once you've already made a choice, you get to work with the system and then find out that there are even more possibilities during the process. Because then it feels like the right decision. Improving the entire process is ultimately the goal of all systems. In a business sense, satisfaction often leads to laziness. In that sense, I am always dissatisfied, and we are always looking for better. Formitable has become a fantastic addition to that." 

About Bolenius Restaurant 

Instagram @boleniusamsterdam
Location Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

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