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Restaurant Kona in Copenhagen is working with Formitable

Philipp Inreiter, the owner of restaurant Kona, originally came to Copenhagen to work at Noma, spent some time in Tokyo after that, and then in 2017 opened his first restaurant in Copenhagen. His second restaurant, Kona, is a Japanese-inspired eatery; they take the flavors and techniques they love from Japan and combine them with Denmark's local ingredients.


Philip; "What I like about Formitable is good customer service. Our job is to provide a great service and experience to our guests every day. Receiving this from a tech company in the restaurant business is refreshing. There's face-to-face value; you really have someone to talk to and ask questions."

Formitable understands that we're also digital brands

"So why does Formitable work better for Kona? I would have to answer this in two segments. The first one is that there are very few players in this industry who understand the bigger picture and understand how to use technology in hospitality and how technology should enable us to provide a better experience. And I think what Formitable understands is that they say, 'OK, ultimately you guys are digital brands, and you need to be aware of that.' And very often, people that work in hospitality and restaurateurs don't fully understand that. Then Formitable comes in and says, 'hey guys, listen, you need to be aware of your online presence.' That is a great thing because this will elevate the entire standard and overall perception of restaurant brands. 

So, to answer the first part of this question, Formitable understood that we need to be in full charge of our online experience. That we are just as much an online brand as, let's say, Amazon. That's all they do, of course. But we are just as much an online brand as these big players. And then we happen to have a physical space, a restaurant." 

Show don't tell 

The second part, why Formitable works better for us, is that it is integrated so that it doesn't take away from our online presence and experience. Like we own it ourselves, our website incorporates the tool that pops up when you need it. But it doesn't take away the entire space; it doesn't take up our entire website. It is there when you need it. It allows you to be visual in the tickets; show don't tell. People don't read. People are, in my opinion, generally lazy. You just want to click.

And in a world where things are moving so fast, and we're constantly seeing new stuff from social media, everything is there within milliseconds. You don't want to read; you just need to see it. Restaurateurs need to actively own their online guest experience as much as their own in-house guest experience. And if we don't have the right tools at our hands, we will not succeed. It's like running a restaurant without chairs and tables. And I think Formitable is filling that gap in the online experience part."  

About Kona

Instagram @konawrkshp
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

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