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The mission of Formitable is to connect restaurants with the modern guest, who is better informed and becomes more critical as the online market grows. Formitable therefore places the guest at the center and builds products that enable restaurateurs to distinguish themselves from their competitors.

The heart of Formitable is an automated planning tool, allowing guests to reserve a table in real time 24/7. To further meet the growing expectations of guests, Formitable optimizes the restaurant's own marketing channels: the website, newsletter and social media. Through its own channels, the guest maintains a one-to-one relationship with the restaurant. In addition, Formitable offers an integrated marketing network with select partners such as Airbnb, allowing new guests to discover the restaurant. For restaurateurs, the marketing through external partners is made easy because Formitable realizes the technical link, invoicing and measurability within an advanced e-commerce environment.

Restaurants such as Ron Gastrobar, De Pizzabakkers and Vuurtoreneiland use Formitable.


The founders of Formitable are no strangers in the restaurant world. Raymond Wilders (34), Cyril Mestrom (36) and Milan van de Goor (27) have been operating on the cutting edge of technology and restaurants since 2010. At the end of 2016, they sell Pocket Menu to give their new challenger Formitable full focus. They introduce a new reservation system and distinguish themselves with tickets. With tickets, restaurant owners can organize their own events and promotions, offer group arrangements and avoid no-shows.

O.a. De Telegraaf, NRC and FD reported on the introduction of tickets by Formitable.

Horecava Innovation Award 2018

Formitable won the Horecava Innovation Award 2018 in the category Digital, apps & social media. From the jury report: "The jury is charmed by this easy-to-use software. A good solution to reduce the number of no-shows in restaurants, by letting guests pay a down payment. Also a smart yield management and promotion tool, with which you can boost sales at quieter moments."

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