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Verwalten Sie Reservierungen, Anzahlungen und Gutscheine in Ihrem MplusKASSA

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MplusKASSA is a POS system for hospitality on the Dutch market. The MplusKASSA cash registers do not have a single unnecessary button and can be used without an internet connection. A wide range of integrations helps to streamline your workflow.

What does it do?

  • Sync your Formitable reservations with your MplusKASSA systems.
  • Open a table in MplusKASSA, select the Formitable reservation and the reservation will be checked-in automatically.
  • Prepayments are automatically added to the right table.
  • After the check-out the receipt is saved with the reservation, to help you build a guest database.
  • With the integration between Formitable and MplusKASSA, you can work on one screen during your service.

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