Formitable becomes Zenchef in 2024
Formitable, Zenchef and Resengo unite to shape the future of dining as Zenchef in 2024
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Formitable becomes Zenchef in 2024

In early 2024, Formitable, Resengo, and Zenchef are coming together under a new name: "Zenchef." With an enhanced product, a new brand identity, and an expanded team, we are reintroducing Zenchef to Europe as a dining out technology platform.

What's Changing when Formitable Becomes Zenchef?

Together for a brighter future

This union merges four decades of expertise with a shared vision to empower restaurants. With a wealth of insightful experiences, and now more resources to make our vision come true, we’re doubling down on our commitment to helping restaurants build resilient businesses.

New name, same dedicated solutions

Our enhanced restaurant platform, to be called ZenchefOS, is designed to meet your most critical needs, whether you're a restaurateur or manage the front-of-house. Bringing together the best restaurant tech in Europe, we’ll be delivering even more efficiency and discoverability, and most importantly — helping you serve up memorable experiences for your guests. What’s more, we’ll be expanding our Zenchef app, the must-have dining companion for guests across Europe to discover and book our 15,000+ restaurants. All restaurants within the Zenchef group, regardless of their current product, will be bookable on the Zenchef app from January.

A new offer for our most valued clients

Starting in January, we're excited to welcome clients interested in migrating to our enhanced backend, ZenchefOS. Built off the powerful Zenchef platform, the new suite includes Formitable's most-loved solutions and a fresh take on the original reservation widget, as well as Resengo's advanced web booking tool. Plus, ZenchefOS introduces features like a table plan to visualize seatings, a call assist to connect phone calls to guest bookings, multi-venue suggestions, request management for group bookings, and much more.

Continuing outstanding support

Our support teams will be working hard to continue providing dedicated support to all of our restaurants, no matter their current product. More than that, we’ll be supporting migration to the new ZenchefOS every step of the way with helpful demos, webinars, workshops and setup guidance. Interested in being the first to migrate over to ZenchefOS? Sign up here, and our onboarding specialists will guide you through the migration process, showcase new features, and help you get started. If you're not ready to switch, take your time. You can migrate when ZenchefOS best serves your needs.


What happens to the current Formitable platform?

As part of our Zenchef group product suite, we’ll still support and operate Formitable to keep you up and running without any service interruptions. But from January 2024, our product, tech and customer success teams will be fully focused on innovating ZenchefOS. Upgrade to ZenchefOS to experience the latest features and solutions.

When can I upgrade to ZenchefOS?

Starting from January 2024, we’ll be ready to welcome you to upgrade! Want to be first on the list? You can begin the process by signing up here.

Which new features will I get to use on ZenchefOS?

We’re excited to introduce you to a bundle of incredible features, some which were on the top of our request list. Think of a visual table plan, a call assist to connect phone calls to guest reservations, a guest radar to identify potential no-shows, a mobile app for ZenchefOS, better multi venue navigation, and much more.

Will I still own my guest data when I upgrade?

When you upgrade to ZenchefOS, we’ll transfer over all guest and booking data to make sure you retain these valuable insights. As you did before, all your guest data is owned by you.

Will ZenchefOS still be commission-free?

Yes! Our commitment to restaurants’ profitability and resilience has not changed. We’re thrilled to expand our commission-free platform to enable sustainable growth for the restaurant industry and build a thriving culture of dining out.