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Beheer je reserveringen in de personeelsplanning-app van Workfeed

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About Workfeed

1,000's of restaurant pros use Workfeed's employee scheduling app to create, share, and track work schedules across departments. 

How does this integration work?

When you integrate Formitable and Workfeed, all your table bookings in Formitable are automatically gathered in Workfeed, allowing you to create work schedules that match the expected amount of guests in your restaurant. You can see the daily number of bookings and guests directly in Workfeed's schedule view underneath each day. When you click on the total number of guests for a day (PAX) you'll see all reservations for that day as well as an overview of peak moments. Moreover, walk-ins are also shown in Workfeed - allowing you to see both the current number of guests in your restaurant as well as the amount of staff you have on the floor.

What do I have to know?

1. Workfeed extracts the following details from your bookings in Formitable: The time and duration of the booking, the name of the booker, and possible notes on the booking.

2. Walk-ins are only registered when they are registered in Formitable, via your POS system for instance.

3. The bookings are updated every minute in Workfeed.

How to install this app?

To integrate Workfeed with Formitable, you need to complete two steps. One in Formitable, the other one in Workfeed.

In Formitable, you simply need to install Workfeed's app. If you have multiple locations, you must do this separately for each location in your Formitable account.

Once you have installed the Workfeed app in your Formitable account(s) you can enter your restaurantUid(s) in Workfeed. As soon as this is done the integration is complete.