Frequently Asked Questions
Formitable, Zenchef and Resengo unite to shape the future of dining as Zenchef in 2024
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Frequently Asked Questions

As you may already know, Formitable is now Zenchef. We have introduced our new brand identity and built a new enhanced platform, ZenchefOS, which you can read all about here. For all questions regarding the Formitable and ZenchefOS systems, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below or reach out to our support team if anything is still unclear. We are excited to introduce you to this new chapter of Zenchef.

For more specific details about upgrading to ZenchefOS please consult this Help Center article.

Regarding Formitable

Will Support still be available for Formitable?

Our Support department will always be reachable during the week via chat, phone and email, exactly like you’re used to. They will still work with you to resolve any problems or questions you have on the Formitable platform. Our Formitable Help Center will also stay live to help you find any quick answers yourself.

What will happen to the Formitable platform?

We are still supporting and operating Formitable today, as part of the Zenchef group. However, we will not continue to build new features or solutions from January 2024 onward - all new innovations will be built on ZenchefOS. For now, you have the option to request early access to ZenchefOS, but in the future, this will be required. We will be sure to communicate any updates regarding the Formitable platform in good time.

How will the Zenchef guest app (formerly Table) work for a Formitable restaurant?

Table has been renamed and rebranded to Zenchef. The app's function and content remains the same, so Formitable restaurants are still discoverable and bookable by thousands of guests - but now across Europe! All restaurants part of the Zenchef group (Formitable, Resengo and Zenchef) will be available to be booked by guests in the Zenchef app. Not familiar with the Zenchef app? Download here.

Can I still refer other restauranteurs?

Yes, you can still refer a restaurant and receive reward for a successful referral. The referred restaurant will be introduced to the new Zenchef platform. If you would like to refer a restaurant, fill in this form

Regarding ZenchefOS

Will ZenchefOS have similar features to Formitable?

Yes, we’re ensuring key feature parity across platforms - in fact, ZenchefOS will offer many more, much-requested features. Once you’ve upgraded to ZenchefOS, the features you’ve come to love may not look exactly the same but we’re confident each solutions will deliver equal or more value. As you migrate, our Onboarding Specialists will be happy to show you all the complete featureset.

Which new features are available on ZenchefOS?

ZenchefOS comes with a bundle of incredible features, some of which were on the top of Formitable’s request list. Think of a visual seating plan, a call assistant to connect phone calls to guest reservations, guest radar tools that highlight potential no-shows, a restaurant mobile app for ZenchefOS, better multi-venue navigation, and much more. Sign up to get a more in-depth demo.

Can I try ZenchefOS now?

Sign up here to request early access and one of our Onboarding Specialists will be happy to schedule a meeting to show a demo of ZenchefOS.

As a multi-venue restaurant, is it possible to bring all venues to ZenchefOS?

Yes, all venues will be supported on ZenchefOS to centralize multi-venue operations and suggestions to guests.