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25 januar, 2021

Give your guests a sneak peek with Google Posts

Welcome more guests by publishing posts on Google

‘Google Posts’ in Google My Business (GMB) is the perfect (and free!) way to increase your visibility on Google. By publishing posts,you create a dominant presence on Google. Our new integration let’s you push Google Posts directly from Formitable. Let’s get started.

NB: Before you’re able to offer products on Google you need to create a Google My Business account.

What is ‘Google Posts’?

‘Google Posts’ is a feature in your GMB profile where companies can publish posts in the search results, free of charge. Google wants to provide visitors with the most relevant information. An important part of this is giving companies a platform to show what they can offer the customer. Google Posts is an ideal channel to give visitors a taste of your business without the need to go to your website.


On desktop the posts are shown in the search results on the right in your profile GooglePostsMobile@2x.png On mobile devices you'll find the posts of a company in the 'posts' category

This feature can be very useful for restaurants. Are you organising a special event or do you offer a chef’s table every evening? You should publish this as a post on Google.

If you add a product to your GMB account you can add an image and a call to action button, such as ‘order online’, ‘buy’ of ‘more info’. Guests who click on the call to action button will automatically be directed to your website.

Google Posts for restaurants

Google Posts offers many pros for restaurants. Let’s explore a few:

1. Offer (pre)paid reservations

If a guest is looking for a place to eat, there’s a great chance they will use Google search. So it’s important to have a strong presence on this platform. Is there something new happening? Are you organising an event or do you have a new takeaway menu? Create a Google Post and guests will be informed about the latest news on your restaurant, without having to go to your website.

Are you working with Formitable? Then you can push your tickets, takeaway and gift vouchers as a Post on Google directly from Formitable. This gives you an extra promotional channel to communicate with your guests. 

2. Rank higher on Google

With Google Posts you complete your GMB profile and increase your Google presence.  The more information your guests can see about your business on Google, the better. Guests see what you offer in one blink of an eye and with engaging images, you create a professional look and feel.

3. Performance insights

If you log in on your GMB-account you can see the results of your posts. If you click on posts on the left you can see the number of views and clicks of every post separately. Measuring the engagement of your posts is a fundamental way to find out which products do or do not sell.

Start using this exciting feature. Push Google Posts via Formitable to promote your latest updates, get more traffic to your website and check your sales in Formitable.

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