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28 Januar, 2021

Sell your takeaway products with Instagram shopping

With Instagram Shopping you have an extra free channel to boost your takeaway

Instagram Shopping is a great feature to boost your takeaway. Tag your products and get more out of your own channels without using extra budget.

What is it?

Instagram Shopping is a feature to sell products on Instagram. You can either tag you products in posts or add them to your story. Apart from that, all your products will be displayed in a clear overview under a specific tab on your profile. Guests can now select your products on Instagram and will get sent to your website immediately where they buy the product. This way you turn all your followers into potential buyers. 

Instagram shopping for restaurants

This feature is perfectly suited to showcase your takeaway products. Your followers are your biggest fans, so there’s a big chance that they will order something from you. How about your new menu or weekend special? You can tag up to a maximum of five products per post, so choose carefully.

Tip: Use the insights Instagram gives you. Instagram shows you the number of: 

  • Product Views: The total number of times people tapped on the product tag to view the product page.
  • Product Button Clicks: The total number of times people tapped on the purchase button on the product page.

Use these results and keep optimizing for better results.


How does it work?

Before you can use Instagram Shopping you need to go through some steps first. You need a Facebook business account for example and connect this to your Instagram business account, before you can start with the import of your products. In this step-by-step guide we’ll tell you everything you need to do to start with Instagram Shopping.