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12 May, 2020

10 creative ways to work with shifts

Working with shifts is an excellent solution to get the most out of your tables.

Working with shifts to double tables is an excellent solution for getting the most out of your tables. We have listed 10 creative examples for you.

Working with shifts to double tables is an excellent solution for getting the most out of your tables. We have listed 10 creative examples for you.

Ron Gastrobar
Each shift has an end time, fixed menu price and prepayment. In the afternoon or evening and both on the terrace and indoors. This way they keep it workable and they can best take into account the health of the staff and guests.

Restaurant Gebr. Hartering
For the early shift at Gebroeders Hartering you can choose for a four or five course menu during the weekend. For the late shift you can choose for a five- or seven-course menu. No prepayment on weekdays, 25 euros on weekends.

Restaurant MOS
At restaurant MOS, dinner consists of a four, five or seven course menu. Just as with Hartering, the seven-course menu is not available in the early shift, but is available in the late shift. The deposit is the entire menu excluding extras.

De Uitsmijter
A reservation for a workplace, in the morning or afternoon. With a deposit of 8.50 you get two cups of coffee, unlimited water and a sweet of your choice. Fortunately, you can also stay for a few hours to work.

At Domenica all reservations are paid, both on the terrace and inside and for lunch and dinner. They make the most of their tables by working in shifts of two hours for all reservations.

Old Dutch Breda
At Old Dutch Breda, guests receive a 25% discount on the main courses in the early shift and in the late shift. Primetime reservations do not receive a discount. This way, tables can be sold three times per night.

Bar Baut
Want to have a drink before dinner? At Bar Baut you can reserve a table in the restaurant to have a drink from, for example, 16:00 to 17:30. Cheers!

Nowadays you also have to make a reservation for late drinks. At Escobar you can reserve a table from 23:00 to have a drink. Maybe something to get used to, but just as cozy.

Van Kinsbergen
From high tea and breakfast, to beer and rum tasting. At Van Kinsbergen there are many different reservations to make and these are all linked to a shift. The length of the shift depends on the experience they offer.

Kaagman & Kortekaas
Two shifts, until 7:30 PM and from 8:00 PM. At Kaagman & Kortekaas they do not work with prepayments. However, they are now open seven days a week instead of five. Dine out like the good old days.

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