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25 March, 2020

4 reasons to offer gift vouchers

4 reasons to offer gift vouchers Everybody loves gift vouchers!

A gift voucher from your restaurant holds a promise for a beautiful night out, which is great for everyone involved, including your business. We’ll tell you why.

1. Gift vouchers provide extra financial resources

Short term, offering gift vouchers will create financial space, as they are paid for now, but will be redeemed in the future. In the long run, they will full up your tables. (Good to know: a large percentage of all gift vouchers are never redeemed.)

2. Gift vouchers let you connect to new guests

When a person buys someone else a voucher, she is so enamored by your restaurant that she wants the giftee to have the experience, too. When the giftee is entirely new to your restaurant, it offers you a chance to turn her into a fan, too.

3. Guests with gift vouchers spend a little more

On average, guests with a voucher spend 15% to 35% more than guests without a voucher. As the gift voucher has already been paid for, it feels a bit easier for guests to order an extra dish or a matching wine.

4. Gift vouchers help you to keep it stylish

Do you feel that promotions and discounts negatively affect your restaurant’s image? Gift cards are a great alternative, as they don’t change the prices of your menu. They just offer your guests an extra service, while elegantly promoting your restaurant.

Looking for a clever way to promote your gift vouchers?

Do you offer online gift vouchers? Great. Now your guests can buy a voucher from the comfort of their armchair, without having to worry about your opening hours. Our toolkit helps you promote your gift vouchers through all your online channels.


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