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28 October, 2021

How to get the most out of Raisin

How to get the most out of Raisin

Raisin is leading the way in the natural wine landscape. It’s an app directing you all over the world to the best spots to have an excellent glass of natural wine. The app is also a key indicator of the best local, seasonal and organic food places. This app is how you can guide guests (200k app users!) from all over the world to your restaurant or bar.

In this blog, we’ll explain why a profile in Raisin is an excellent tool for reaching new guests, and also we give you 5 insider tips from the founder himself to get the most out of your profile. 

First things first 

Do you have at least 30% of natural wine on your wine list? Congratulations, you’ve passed the Raisin bar, and you can fix your profile on the app and get those connaisseurs in!* But how do you get the most out of your profile on Raisin? We’ve talked to Jean-Hugues Bretin, founder and CEO of Raisin, and we got some inside information for you. 

*Raisin has over 1300 establishments awaiting validation; they’re doing their best to register as many venues as possible. But if you’d like to speed up the process, check out their Pro website.

Insider tip 1: Who are you?

Be sure to correctly state what you are, either a wine shop, restaurant, or bar. You can also choose more options if you are both a wine shop and bar, for example—nothing as aggravating as a guest with incorrect expectations, for you, but also for the guests.

Insider tip 2: Pictures, please

Keep your details up to date, opening hours, a link to your website, and especially great pictures to give off the best impression of your place. 

Insider tip 3: Get more guests in 

If you're a Raisin Pro user you can now get more guests in your restaurant! All Pro-users that work with Formitable are now bookable within the app. This way you can attract the right audience and the guests can make a reservation with one click without leaving the app. Easy does it. Here you can read all about connecting Formitable to your Raisin Pro account. 

Insider tip 4: More visibility

Post, post, post! When you post, you will be featured on the homepage and shown to all users in your area while also updating your page. Post your brand new wine, new dishes, and you will be shown more on the homepage. The more you post your wines or food, the more visibility you’ll get. 

Insider tip 5: Likes and reviews

As a restaurateur, ask for both likes and reviews to get your profile going and keep engaged with the Raisin community. The Raisin users are a community of wine lovers and have a heart for quality and responsible products. They’d love to share their feedback with you and with other users. 

Insider tip 6: Raisin sticker

Foot traffic matters. Get that Pro account and get your storefront Raisin sticker. Real natural wine lovers know Raisin and will pop in when recognizing the logo.