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Widget API

Wordpress plugin

Easy installation of the formitable widget into your wordpress website. Do you want to try out the widget first? Go to the Widget Api to try it out.

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This plugin adds the Formitable SDK to your website and enables you to add the Formitable booking widget and customize it directly from your settings.

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Please note that the Formitable SDK is a JavaScript-file hosted externally at https://cdn.formitable.com.

Installation Instructions

Install the plugin into your wordpress site;

After installing you will find Formitable in your settings menu. Add your restaurant UID and activate the booking widget to start receiving reservations for your restaurant.

Plugin settings

Restaurant UID. You can find this code in your Formitable account under settings > Widgets. This code will link the plugin to your account.

Analytics. Enable analytics to track your widgets activity.

Active. After configuring all options you can check active to make the widget visible on your website.

Toolbar. Generate toolbar in your website to control widget.

Toolbar (on mobile). Generate toolbar in your website on mobile devices to control widget

Open widget on load. Open the widget on page load. Or set a delay in milliseconds

Open widget on load (mobile). Open the widget on page load on mobile devices. Or set a delay in milliseconds

Color. Widget accent color (HEX / RGB)

Language. Widget language. Possible values: "Browser language", "Website language" and the supported languages for the widget. "Browser language" will take the end user's browser's language and "Website language" will take the Wordpress website's set language. If the language is not supported, it will default to English.

Tag. Track the source of your reservations.