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15 July, 2021

20 Copy Templates to Boost your Ticket Sales

20 Copy Templates to Boost your Ticket Sales

Struggling with writing ticket descriptions? We are here to help you. Offering different tickets in your reservation widget is a great way to offer a variety of experiences in your restaurant and stand out from the crowd. Tickets work and look best when paired with informative or catchy titles and descriptions.

Here are 20 copy templates which you can use freely or take inspiration from and 7 tips on how to improve your writing. Also, don't forget to add attractive photos to your tickets to help them stand out even more.

Ticket Description Templates

You might not realize this but you can use your tickets in so many different ways. Below we’ve outlined all kinds of description templates that you can copy or take inspiration from when creating new tickets and improving existing ones. You can of course add fun and fitting emoticons to your descriptions as well. The templates are sorted by ticket type which ranges from events to different kinds of areas. The sections in brackets [...] are for you to fill out or to choose which option fits best. Now you only need to think of a catchy ticket title! 

undefinedReservation Ticket

There are many types of reservations, but the most common are lunch, dinner, or drinks. Below we’ve outlined suggestions for each of those options, with either a casual tone or more formal. 

Casual Dining

1. Lunch

Join us for lunch! We offer a delicious [number of courses] course lunch menu which includes: 

  • [course #1]
  • [course #2] 
  • [course #3]  

Reserve the table and we’ll take care of the rest. 

2. Dinner
Come dine with us! We are sure you will find something delicious on our menu. If you have special requests or dietary/allergy requirements fill out the remarks section on the next page. See you at [restaurant name]!

3. Drinks
Just want to come to [restaurant name] for a couple of drinks? We’d love to have you! Reserve this table so that we know to offer you our drinks menu and inform you of our snack options. For a great time and a nice selection of drinks, see you at [restaurant name].

Fine Dining

4. Lunch
At [restaurant name], we’d love to welcome you to make your lunch a full-on experience. Lunch is served from [start & end time lunch shift]. We look forward to seeing you.

5. Dinner
Come to [restaurant name] for an excellent dining experience. We strive to reach this excellence by creating dishes that show our passion, craft, and focus. We ensure that this will be a great evening for you.

6. Drinks
Interested in having drinks at [restaurant name]? Do come along and we’ll make sure to have our best [wines/beers/cocktails/drinks] ready for you. You are very welcome to enjoy [restaurant name] in a more casual way. 

undefinedAreas Ticket

As you can assign tickets to shifts that are connected to specific areas or tables in your restaurant, it is nice to show and tell customers about the differences. This way you turn all the different areas in your restaurant into a unique selling point!

7. Outdoor Dining
Would you like to eat al fresco? We have a comfortable and spacious outdoor dining space and we welcome you there. By booking this experience you are assured of a spot outside and we will contact you if this reservation changes in any way due to possible weather conditions. 

8. Bar
Take a seat at the bar! Comfortable and fun, with a special view of the [kitchen, bar, dining room]. Perfect for a cozy meal. We look forward to seeing you!

9. Private Dining
For the private dining experience at [restaurant name], we have special spots reserved within our restaurant for a more intimate moment with your loved ones. Through this experience, you will be able to order from our [regular, special, seasonal] menu and we will make sure you have a great evening. 

undefinedGroups Ticket

If a guest selects that they want to dine with more than a certain number of people in the reservation system, the following tickets could pop up to show a different menu or table for larger groups.

10. The more the merrier! Are you with more than [set number pax]? Then we will make sure to prepare for your arrival. You and your group can order from our [regular, special, group] menu and we will make sure everyone has a great time. See you then!

11. Are you looking to celebrate and host a party at [restaurant name]? Great, we’d love to have you here. If you are with [max. amount pax] or less reserve your table here. And let us know if you have any special requests through the remarks section on the next page. If you want to throw a party larger than [max amount pax] send us an email: [restaurant mail].

undefinedDeals Ticket 

When offering any kind of discount or deal, it is key to explain to your guests what this means and what kind of dishes, drinks, menu items are included in the deal. 

12. Menu with Discount
When reserving this experience you will receive a [percentage or amount] discount on [menu/dish]. You can order from the [specific meal/menu] menu and the discount will apply to [one dish per person/the final bill/drinks]. We hope to see you soon!

13. Early Bird
The early bird catches the worm! Book this experience between [start and end time shift] and you will receive [discount/free drink or dish]. Just note that the table is available until [end time shift]. We welcome all Early Birds with open arms at [restaurant name].

14. Happy Hour
Drinks are on us! Come join us on [day(s) of the week] for drinks and you’ll receive [1+1 deal, percentage or price discount, free snacks]! We know how to have a good time here. Will we be seeing you for drinks? Join the Happy Hour!

undefinedEvents Ticket

Throughout the year many special moments deserve to be celebrated, whether this is on a specific holiday or a personal event in your restaurant. Here are some ways to attract your guests to join.

15. Restaurant Event
Join us at our upcoming event [event title] and experience our new [dishes/restaurant/decor/outside dining area/chef]. It will be a great event, so hope to see you there!

16. Restaurant Event
For an unforgettable night out, join us for [event title]. The event will be a one-time only experience, which you don’t want to miss. We’ll make sure there is great food and fun entertainment. Reserve a spot now!  

17. Holiday or Celebration
Join us on [specific holiday] and enjoy our special [holiday] event and accompanying menu. Celebrate together with your family and friends in our lovely dining area. You can either come for lunch during the day or have a lovely evening meal. 

undefinedSpecials Ticket

Tickets for specials are a little different than deals, here you offer a special experience rather than a discount. Some examples are high tea, taco Tuesday, all-day brunch, seasonal menu (e.g. lobster, mussels, asparagus).

18. We have a fun special available at the moment: [special]. If you’re a fan of [special], this will be a perfect experience! Booking this experience will include these [dishes, menu items, drinks included]. Interested? Reserve a table. 

19. Try out our [special]! This menu includes the following dishes (list max 3 items):

    • [menu item/dish #1]
    • [menu item/dish #2]
    • [menu item/dish #3]

Doesn’t that sound delicious? We sure think so. We hope to see you at [restaurant name] for this special!

20. It’s that time again! On [specific day of week/the weekend], we are offering our [special]. Would you like to specifically reserve this menu? Book a table and we’ll see you then at [restaurant name]. 

Lastly, a few tips

If you are very new to adding tickets in Formitable, please consult this Help Center article which outlines the steps you need to take when creating new tickets. 

A general rule of thumb when writing ticket descriptions is to be to the point. Your guests are already on your website, have selected their preferred date, time and amount of people who are joining, so the ticket description can help them understand what kind of table, experience, menu or deal they are reserving. Try to keep your descriptions on the shorter side, as any additional information can also be shared with your guests once they’ve reserved their table in the confirmation email. 

  • To keep the descriptions short, think about the most important details you need to share with your guests before they reserve a table. For example, about the menu options or certain details about the event or discount you want to offer. 
  • Don’t hesitate to use bullet points to list certain items, but again make sure the list doesn’t end up being too long. 
  • When explaining something important or exciting, try not to use all capitals as this is usually interpreted online as shouting. Instead use the features offered in the description box, like bold, italic or emoticons. Just be sure not to overdo it. 
  • Try to be creative and think about what you would say to friends or other potential guests in person when explaining that ticket.
  • If you add a prepayment to that ticket, you could explain what your reason is for working with prepayments. You don’t need to add any information on the refund policy, etc., as the system will show that information below the ticket description.
  • Remember to also think of a catchy title to go along with your ticket. This does not necessarily have to include your restaurant name or the word “reservation” as this is already understood by your guest. 
  • Lastly, don’t forget to include the same or similar content in the other language options of that ticket. The templates are also available in other languages so check them out at the bottom of this article.    

Extra Tip 
How do I know if my descriptions are too long? First, make sure that the specific ticket is linked to a shift so that it will appear in your reservation widget. Then open your website and your reservation widget on your mobile phone. Tap the ticket in question to see many times your finger has to scroll to see all the text. If it is more than once or twice, your description is most likely too long. 

Lastly, don’t forget to bookmark this page to consult, copy or be inspired by the ticket templates when creating new tickets or adjust older ones in the future. 

Check out these ticket templates in other languages too if you want to use your Formitable widget in both English and Dutch, for example. Do make sure to check that the content is the same for both languages. 

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> Swedish
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