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17 December, 2021

Takeaway Shop inspiration: 8 ideas

Takeaway Shop

How can you stand out from the crowd with your takeaway shop? We’re sharing inspiration to start a takeaway shop or make yours even better! It’s always a great idea to see what other creative restaurant minds are doing, so let’s have a peek below.

Collab & reach more potential guests 🤝

Oriental City is collaborating with FuLu Manderijn and Golden Chopsticks; together, they’re bringing a combined takeaway package. 

Takeaway: Have you ever thought about collaborating with another restaurant? It’s a great way to combine two (or more) fanbases and broaden your reach to new potential guests. 

Virtual chefs talk 🎥

Choux at home, they created a takeaway menu with videos to guide you through the 5-course menu. Chef Merijn van Berlo takes you (virtually) by the hand to bring out the chef in you.

Takeaway: Have you ever thought about collaborating with another restaurant? It’s a great way to combine two (or more) fanbases and broaden your reach to new potential guests. 

Create a themed shop 👨‍🍳

Kaagman & Kortekaas designed their shop like a deli, with paté de champagne, charcuterie, sourdough bread, and a selection of cheeses. Deli snacks are easy to take away for your customers, and there’s always an occasion for that. 

Takeaway: Designing your shop in a theme is a great idea; think of weekend plans, weekend brunch, evening bites, wine tastings, dinner with friends, etc. This way, you can seize that momentum. For example, if you choose brunch, you can claim that occasion by posting about it, showing everything you have on the brunch menu. 

There's more than food...🥂

At Atelier Paul Morel everything revolves around drinking experiences. They’ve carefully curated beverage boxes of ‘Bar Night Celebrations’. So, people can enjoy their cocktails at home or gift to their loved ones. The limited-edition boxes come with a playlist, serving guide, garnishes, and a little snack. 

Takeaway: Shops are not only for restaurants selling food; customize them to what you have to offer and package your products attractively. 

Sell your classics 🥇

Ron Gastrobar at Home sets himself up as the no-frills at-home dining experience. They sell their signature dishes in the takeaway shop, like the rice table and the famous spare ribs. 

Takeaway: Producing and selling the signature products you know your fanbase loves is a great and uncomplicated way to start your takeaway shop.  

Make it a 360℃ shop 🛒

Joelia by Mario Ridder has a broad offer of products where they show their restaurant as a brand on its own. They sell tasting sets, soups & sauces, frozen meals, oils and vinegar, salt & pepper, spreads, oyster knives, champagnes, and wines. They also have an array of signature dishes like caviar, tuna tataki, a cheese platter & friandises. All are packaged in their chic branding. 

Takeaway: Have you always dreamt of selling your products for an at-home experience? This is the perfect time to start doing that. Design your packaging style, think of which products you’d like to sell, and you’re ready to set your restaurant up as the brand that it is! 

Tell a story to bring the experience to live 📝

De Gouden Reael sells French classics in their shop. What they do very nicely is that they use storytelling, which aids in the French experience they offer via their shop. They tell you about the origin of their products, which chef made it, and which wine farmer or bakery their products come from.

Takeaway: tell the story of your dish or restaurant. The story the maîtres would usually tell at the table. Write it down in your takeaway products description and make the experience to life. 

Add a tip! 💸

Hotel, restaurant, bistro & bar ML added the option in the takeaway shop to add a tip. So, diners can choose which tip they’d like to add. You can choose the amount of the tip and add a nice photo of the team with it, just like ML did! 

Takeaway: Just as you would when dining out in a restaurant, diners would like to give you a tip to show their appreciation! For example, add three different amounts of tip options to choose from. 

We’ve gathered 5 tips to get the most out of your takeaway.