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16 September, 2021

The power of storytelling for restaurants

The power of storytelling for restaurants by Cor Hospes

“People don’t remember facts, people remember stories.”

Knowing this, how can you implement this in your restaurant? You’ve started your restaurant most likely with an idea, a feeling, or an ambition. Something that you want to put out there in the world and share with people. We talked to Cor Hospes, storyteller pur sang, author and founder of Merkjournalisten, and one of our RISE UP speakers. He will bring some clarity in why storytelling is important for restaurants. 

So first, why is storytelling so necessary for restaurants?

“A lot of restaurants start cooking, but a story starts with who you are. If you don’t know who you are and why you’re doing what you do, you don’t have a story. If you don’t have a story you’ll be in trouble in the long run. Especially right now, with the shortage of hospitality employees. Because why would you work for somebody that doesn’t have a story? This trend is happening right now where people want to buy more than a product, they want a product with a story. Look at Ben & Jerry’s, look at Tony’s Chocolonely. Inside your organization or restaurant, a story is important, it motivates your employees. It binds employees to you longer if they share your beliefs. A story can be a purpose or a culture.”  

What makes a good story?

“A story is about change, without change there is no story. If you want to convince or motivate guests or employees, if you want to be remembered, think Rocky. Be personal. Be human and believable. And tell a story of a struggle and ultimately a triumph.  A story has a main character and this character wants to achieve something. To get what he/she wants they have to overcome obstacles. When thinking of your story, always have this question on the back of your mind; ‘What does this mean to my audience?’ Every story also has a crook. This doesn’t need to be the Disney-like crook with a black cape and scary appearance, this can be insecurity, a lack of creativity or time, investments. Additionally, every story also has a Yoda, a mentor; somebody that helps the main character.” 

Keep it real  

Cor tells us, “be honest, we don’t like to read stories that are too polished, not real-life material. That’s where you go in the wrong direction. A good story structure is about a person with a wish that he/she realizes after struggles and hassles. Hunted by a crook, aided by a mentor. With a message for the reader, viewer, or listener. An insight. A take-away or other thought. So, now we ask you, what story do you want to tell?

Did this blog made you think about your restaurant’s story and are you hungry for more? Cor Hospes is, next to Ottolenghi, Sebastian Wussler, and Jean-Hughes Bretin, one of our speakers at RISE UP on the 15th of November. Get your free ticket for the online live event here.  

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