Why Google My Business likes #foodporn better than your logo

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Your guests love #foodporn - and so does Google My Business.

Your guest craves answers. Always happy to help, Google came up with Google My Business, placing all information on your business on the right side of your screen. Great, but why the hideous cover photo? Why those photos that seem to have nothing to do with your business? Is there anything you can do about that?

Good answers can win people over

Imagine someone is considering dining at your restaurant. Haunted by questions, she isn’t quite convinced yet. How's the atmosphere? What's on the menu? How do I recognize the property? Can I park my car? Whether she finds a satisfying answer to her questions determines her decision to reserve a table. Google providing great answers is therefore directly in your restaurant’s interest.

Like you, Google has your guest’s happiness at heart

Fortunately, ‘providing good answers’ is Google's core business. Google uses an algorithm to fill your business profile with photos that your guests actually want to see. Its main job is to assess all visual content people post online featuring your restaurant, plus all photos that you as the owner upload directly to your business profile. The photo that’s most relevant to your guests takes pole position and becomes cover photo.

Gorgeous interior photos give your guests a taster.

What you can do: upload photos that give a good impression of your business

How exactly does this algorithm make decisions? Google hasn’t been very transparent about that. What we do know: an algorithm is a learning piece of programming language. Its learning curve is steered by the input it receives. Sadly, you have no control over what people post about your business, but there’s no harm in trying to counterbalance the user generated input by feeding the algorithm your own photos.

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