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02 juillet, 2020

6 tips for more positive Google reviews

With these tips you will get a great Google review score in no time

Having a hard time collecting Google reviews? With these tips you’ll be drowning in them.

1. Create awareness with your team

Make your team aware of the fact that every guest can be a critic by sharing your reviews. This will motivate them, because they feel like they can make a difference. Guests will notice this.

2. Ask guests at their table

You have to be a bit careful with this one, but asking for reviews at a table can work perfectly. Only ask at a table where you’re sure you get a positive review.

3. Use a QR code

If you want guests to write a review, you have to make it as easy as possible for them. Give them a small card with a QR code which is linked to your review page. This way guests can write a review on the spot. The less time between the great experience and the review, the better the review. 

4. Email your regulars

Where better to start than with your biggest fans. Send your regulars a message and ask them for a Google review. Be honest, tell them you want to work on your online reputation. Regulars only want to help you to improve your online visibility

5. Send a feedback email

Send guests an email after their visit. In Formitable you can easily send an automatic feedback email. Check the possibilities of your own system, or do it manually. Difficulties with setting up an email? With our template you have guaranteed success.

6. Evaluate your reviews

Have a look at your reviews every week. What is it people are saying? Do you see some quick fixes? Work on the feedback and your guests won’t be able to give the same feedback over and over.