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04 août, 2020

7 tips to set up an effective email campaign

Use email campaigns as an effective marketing tool

Are you organising an event? Have a new summer menu? With an email campaign you can easily reach a lot of guests. It’s a perfect marketing tool to sell tickets or reservations. Use the following tips to set up an effective email campaign.

1. Pick a clear goal

Clarify your goal to boost your conversion rate. Do you want guests to reserve a table? Invite them to an event? Introduce a new dining option? Make sure your email has a clear call to action. Doing so will prompt guests to take action in the direction you choose. 

2. Get to the point 

Write short, energetic, and personal text, keeping your email subject crystal clear. You want guests to be able to make a reservation or apply to an event without having to scroll through the whole email.

Tip: Check how the email looks on mobile, most guests read their email on their phone

3. Think about the timing

Generally speaking Tuesday till Thursday are the best days to send an email. Always take this into consideration when sending a campaign. Do you read your emails on a Friday night?

4. Stick to one subject

Stick to a single subject per email. It’s better to send more emails with one subject than one email with way too much information in it. Guests need to know what your email is about in a blink of an eye. 

5. Plan your campaign

Let’s say you want to do an email campaign for an event. Structure your campaign (read: points of contact) to use multiple emails. For example, use this strategy:

  • Save the Date: Announce the event
  • First invitation: Invite guests, giving them the possibility to make a reservation
  • Reminder: Let people know there are still some spots left
  • Last chance: Create exclusivity by Informing guests there only very limited spots remaining
  • Thank you: Send a nice email expressing your gratitude for their attendance

Tip: With multiple emails you increase your conversion rate. Guests normally take action after the third email.

6. Proofread your email

Have someone read the finished product before you send it. Send a test email to your team asking them for feedback. Do your links and buttons work? No typos? This takes very little time and improves the overall quality of your campaign.

7. Repeat your format

Found a format that is effective? Use it again! Why make the effort to come up with a new format every time you want to send an email? Sticking to a single format saves you time and guests will recognize your consistent style.

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