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28 augusti, 2020

Restaurant owners talk about prepaid reservations

What has changed for restaurants who ask for a prepayment?

The number of restaurants asking for a prepayments is increasing. We spoke to a few restaurant owners who work with prepaid reservations. What has changed for them?

Niek Hartering - Restaurant Gebr. Hartering

"Many restaurants around us, including ourselves, wanted to work with prepayments earlier. We just didn't dare to take the step. Now we only work with prepayments during the weekends. This way we avoid no-shows for spots that we could easily have filled."

Read the entire interview with Niek Hartering.


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Bob Kaasenbrood - Scheepskameel

"We called every guest who made a reservation, but we still had too many no-shows. Now we no longer have no-shows, or guests cancel on time"

Read the entire interview with Bob Kaasenbrood.


Bob Nagel - Café Binnenvisser

"We always wanted to be a bar with quality food where people would just swing by. When we were forced to work with reservations it was a big but logical step to ask for a prepayment as well."

Read the entire interview with Bob Nagel.


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