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17 February, 2020

3 pro-tips to use Squeeze to its full potential

3 pro-tips to use Squeeze to its full potential

Squeeze offers online reservations with a shorter table turn and fills the gaps in your planning. It helps you to fill your tables, like a real online floor manager. With these three pro-tips you can use this powerful feature to its full potential and give your evenings a boost.

1. Put a limit on primetime


Let’s say guests are able to reserve a table from 17.00 to 21.00. You won’t be able to turn your tables if every guest makes a reservation at 18.00. By putting a limit on the number of reservations you accept at 18:00, guests then have to pick an earlier or later time slot. This gives you the possibility to turn your tables faster.

2. Give yourself 15 minutes


Make it easy on yourself. Block out 15 minutes in between reservations so you can prepare the table for the next guests. Set up a Squeeze gap and Squeeze will automatically block out some time between two reservations. This allows you to run the floor smoothly and efficiently. 

3. Remind guests of the end time of their reservation

Squeeze tells your guests how long they’ll have the table. During the reservation process, in a confirmation email, and in a reminder email. If you kindly remind your guests that their reservation has an end time when they arrive, you prevent any discussion when they have to leave the table for the next guests. 

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