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10 May, 2021

5 Creative Ways to Use Promo Codes

promo codes

Would you like to reach more potential guests? Then Promo Codes is the feature for you. It's the easiest way to persuade hesitant visitors and turn them into loyal guests. And the beautiful thing is; you can customize the promotion code to fit your restaurant and style.

How do they work?

The Formitable Promo Codes can be used in 3 different ways:

  • You can offer a percentage discount
  • You can offer a fixed discount
  • You can offer a complimentary product 

These Promo Codes can be applied to whichever product you are offering and to the time frame you decide on. You are in the driver's seat. We've created 5 examples for you to get the most out of your Promo Codes. 

1. Food Bloggers  

How often are you looking at a big juicy burger or beautifully plated dish on Instagram and think to yourself, 'Can I have this right now'? We are influenced by tasty pictures and the people who post them. There are plenty of great food bloggers out there that can give you just the extra exposure push. They have thousands of followers who will get to see your new menu or Holiday-themed food box. Give them the extra nudge by offering a Promo Code, and you will reach a lot more people in a heartbeat. 

You can make a personalized Promo Code for each food blogger or influencer you're working with. For example, you can offer a €10 discount on dinner reservations with code [name influencer in capitals]10. In your Formitable Dashboard you can track all the reservations made with the code, this way, you'll have a perfect overview of how the code worked and what you got out of it. 

2. Your Online Fans

Maybe you already have an enormous reach on your social channels, kudos to you! To get an extra boost in revenue, add a temporary discount code in your Instagram Stories or Post. This way, you will engage your followers and grow your likeability. 

You could, for example, let your followers know there is a 24 hour 15% discount on the Wine Tasting with code TASTE15. Add a time frame to create urgency. 

3. Persuade a hesitant visitor

The use of a Promo code can give that extra push that will turn a visitor into a guest. Offer the Promo Code (temporarily) on the pop-up on your website with a great deal, to stimulate your website visitors to book a table at your restaurant or order a takeaway menu. 

For example, with code TAKE10, guests can get a 10% discount on takeaway. 

4. Reward newsletter subscribers

If you are using E-mail Campaigns, this channel is a great way to maximize sales on themed deals or other products you're offering. This way, you add an extra incentive for people to subscribe to your newsletter, giving you more reach while rewarding your fans. 

For example, you send out a newsletter around Christmas, the time to be buying gifts! In the newsletter, you add a 5% discount code on Gift Vouchers. 

5. Make your unhappy guests happy again 

A bad review, it happens. Perhaps the guests have waited too long, or a mistake was made in their order. Now you have an easy way to fix this! In Formitable Messages you can have a direct conversation with your guests. You can directly send your sincere apologies and send them a personalized Promo Code for a complimentary glass of champagne for the next time they come and have a wonderful experience. There is no need to remember that this guest needs extra attention the next time; your team can see the user code and know what the deal is. 

The most important thoughts about using Promo Codes is to turn website visitors and social media followers into loyal guests, increase your website traffic and boost your revenue. And remember, you can use the codes however you like. In our Help Center, you can find a step-by-step guide on setting up a Promo Code. 

Check out our Video Demo on Promo Codes here. 

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