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06 March, 2020

Why your guests love reserving a table online

Why your guests love reserving a table online

Do you think guests hate online reservations? Not a chance, they go crazy for convenience. You want to give your guests what they want, right? Reserving a table online is definitely on their most wanted list.

1. Guests don’t want to call a restaurant

Calling to reserve a table isn’t always an enjoyable experience. Sometimes you’ll get put on hold and, to some guests, calling at a busy time can feel awkward. Also, calling isn’t as groovy as it used to be.

2. Guests want to know the real time availability

If a guest decides that they want to have dinner at your restaurant, they instantly want to know if you have a table available at their preferred time. The faster they know, the better. Is there a table available at a time that works for them? Then they want to be able to claim their table right away. 

3. Guests like convenience

Guests visit your website to get a feel for your atmosphere and to check out the menu. If they like what they see, they want to book a table right away. If something else comes up, they love the freedom of being able to tweak or cancel their reservation hassle-free. 

4. Guests want to be able to book 24/7, wherever they are

Waiting for a restaurant to open so you can put a phone call in, isn’t great. If your guests can reserve a table online, at any time that they like, that’s the epitome of hospitality.

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