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11 novembre, 2020

Wayan Dijenborgh: "Our new takeaway concept was online in no time"

During the second lockdown The Green Rose started with a successful new takeaway concept

During the first closure The Green Rose (Arnhem) crafted a new dish every day for their takeaway menu. Prior to COVID-19 the menu was refreshed weekly with small dishes, nowadays the takeaway consists of Indobar and sushi. Wayan Dijenborgh (manager) explains why they made this change

When The Greens Rose changed their takeaway concept for the second closure, the weekly revenue increased by more than 300%.

Your takeaway menu differs from what you normally serve at The Green Rose, why?

At The Green Rose, we mainly order from local suppliers and focus on menus with small dishes. The local suppliers often don't have very large supplies, so we change our menu almost weekly. We found it difficult to convert this concept into a takeaway service, so we had to think of something else for our takeaway. Then we came up with selling a different dish everyday during the first closure. Now that we had to close again we started selling Indonesian food and sushi.

From a new dish everyday to Indonesian food and sushi, why this change of concept?

We noticed that the takeaway didn't always work well. One day we would sell a lot more than other days, it really depended on what the dish was. So for the second closure we wanted to do something different. We started thinking about a concept that everyone would like. The Dutch are generally big fans of a Indonesian food and sushi. In addition, we have someone in the kitchen who is very good at preparing Japanese cuisine. So we came up with an Indobar and sushi.


Did this change of concept work out well?

Absolutely. The advantage is that we now have a more extensive offer and the menu doesn't change. The dishes from the Indobar for example, can be ordered separately and there are plenty of meat, fish and vegetarian options. So there is something for everyone’s liking. This is also reflected in the number of orders and in the revenue. We also don't have to throw away so much, because the menu doesn't change everyday. Furthermore, we can still order from our regular suppliers. It's nice that we can continue to support them.

How has Formitable helped you with your takeaway?

The takeaway module is very clear and straightforward. You can easily set the system to your liking and adjust things yourself quickly. If I get stuck somewhere I can always contact support. When we had to close for the second time and wanted to launch a new takeaway concept, it was done in no time. That was really nice. We also had contact with a delivery platform, but that was way too expensive because of the high commission. Our takeaway at the moment is affordable. Furthermore I feel the Formitable team can think like restaurateurs, and understand what we need. The fact that you can now do a little bit of upsell with the Product Options, for example. The update in the takeaway module really are to the advantage of the restaurant.