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27 February, 2020

Why using an online reservation system is a must

Why using an online reservation system is a must

An online booking system makes your life so much easier and tremendously delights your guests. Five reasons why you can’t go without an online reservation system in this day and age.

1. Guests love making online reservations

Nowadays, guests want to be able to reserve online. It’s quick and easy and guests see the real time availability of your tables. Show guests when they are welcome to visit not only puts the ‘hospitable’ in ‘hospitality’, having a 24/7 booking window also leads to more reservations. Without you sitting next to the phone all day.

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2. Say no to no-shows

An online reservation system sends your guests an automatic confirmation and reminder, so nobody forgets about their reservation. You can also choose prepayments for your reservations. Plus, if needed, guests can cancel their reservation with just a simple click. This helps to avoid no-shows.

3. Less phone calls during service time

Is your staff torn between answering the phone and serving guests? The number of phone calls during service time decreases significantly when you accept online reservations. This gives you the time to focus on the important things, giving your dining guests the attention and treatment they deserve. 

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4. Build a relationship with your guests

A good reservation tool automatically helps you to build a strong customer base by gathering guest data. Knowledge is power. Is it someone's birthday? Does your guest have any allergies? Is a guest returning? Use this information to surprise your guests with a personal touch. You can also stay in contact with your guests and invite them to special events and deals after their visit.

5. An intuitive overview

Still taking all your reservations manually? Mistakes are easily made and handwritten notes can be hard to read, time to put an end to that. An online booking tool creates a clear overview of all reservations, that is easily accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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